Low Income Assistance

Below are some of the programs available for low income residents. Please call the Next Support Department between 9 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday for additional program information. 

Major Home Repair Loans for Birmingham Residents

  • The Foundation for Birmingham Senior Residents has no interest loans available for major home repairs which would include replacing a roof, furnace or windows. To qualify you must be a resident homeowner of the City of Birmingham and meet current income guidelines.

Minor Home Repair and Yard Services for Birmingham and Beverly Hills residents 

  • Utilizing the funds from the Foundation for Birmingham Senior Residents and  Birmingham Community Development Block Grant and Beverly Hills Community Development Block Grant, we are able to assist low and moderate income residents with minor home repairs.

Additional Assistance to Low Income Seniors

  • If you are having difficulty paying for prescription co-payments, insurance premiums, eye glasses, dental care or hearing aids please call the Support Department to see if we can assist you.