Next, Your Place to Stay Active and Connected


Great news, the Next building is open! 

We realize it will take time for some of our members to feel comfortable returning to your daily routines, but when you are ready, Next will be here to
help ease the transition. Next will be open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays 10:00 – 4:00 pm until we resume more regular
operating hours begining July 13th. Stop in to say hello, use the computer, grab a book from the library, or enjoy your lunch on the patio.
Under the strict guidance of the Center for Disease Control, we will be reopening in phases and following best practices and protocols to guard your health and safety.
We have made many changes to the building designed to keep our members safe. 
Next has been serving the community for over 40 years! We continue to evolve to meet the diverse interests of today's residents over the age of 50.
We offer more educational programming to stimulate your mind, additional art classes to ignite a passion, more fitness to strengthen your body
and more travel than ever before to explore new destinations. But what we pride ourselves on most, is our commitment to you! At Next, providing
exceptional customer service is not a business strategy, it's a core value. We've have so many things going on every week; check out our current
newsletter to see all we offer to keep you active and connected!

Next also offers support services that focus on allowing older adults to live independently and age in place. Our comprehensive 
Support Service Department provides information and referrals, transportation services, nutritional support and much, much more. 
Ask us anything – we are here to help!