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                                     NOVEMBER 7, 2023                                      


WHY DO WE NEED A SENIOR MILLAGE? Birmingham has purchased the YMCA building to provide a permanent home for senior services, with NEXT as the service provider and to support operations and planning for growth of our senior community. To fund the first steps to make the building suitable for senior services. To provide dedicated funding for senior services.

WHY DOES NEXT HAVE TO MOVE?: Next membership has increased 150% in the last ten years and the Birmingham senior population is projected to grow to 30% by 2045 - and there is no available room to expand at Midvale where Next currently resides. 

WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE YES ON PROP 1: To keep Birmingham a "Senior Friendly" community. To retain a large & growing population vital to Birmingham property values & business economy. Because supporting seniors is what caring communities do!

WHAT WILL THIS COST ME? Approximately $96/year for the average residential taxpayer. The increase will be largely offset by a decrease in debt service millage.


Please help us to make this Birmingham intiative a success by talking to your friends and neighbors. 

Vote Yes on Prop 1 to support seniors in your community!  



Next has been serving the community for over 45 years! We continue to evolve to meet the diverse interests of today's residents over the age of 50. We offer a wide variety of life-long learning programs to stimulate your mind, additional art classes to ignite a passion, more fitness to strengthen your body, and so many ways to gather and socialize. 

But what we pride ourselves on most, is our commitment to you! At Next, providing exceptional customer service is not a business strategy, it's a core value. We have so many things going on every week; check our newsletter to see all we offer to keep you active & connected!

Next also offers support services that focus on allowing older adults to live independently and age in place. Our comprehensive Support Service Department provides information and referrals, transportation services, nutritional support, and much, much more. Ask us anything – we are here to help!