At this time, travel has been suspended. Look for new and exciting trips to return soon!

  • St. John Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church

    Wednesday, September 22, 2021 | 9:15-2:00pm

    This offering is currently at capacity. Please call the office to be added to the wait list. 248.203-5270


    Bus leaves at 9:15 am, retyrns about 2:00 pm 

    St. John’s Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church —“The Church with the Golden Dome”— has invited us to experience their traditions, learn more about their community, and this ancient culture. First enjoy a tour of the sanctuary, accompanied by music, and the Alex and Marie Manoogian Museum, the largest Amenian museum in North America. Models will be showcasing
    authentic costumes from the 13th to 19th century, as part of their “Heritage Collection." Relics from this museum were recently shared at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
    After the tour, savor a traditional Armenian buffet luncheon. Baked goods will also be available for sale. This trip proves to be a favorite, so if you haven’t done it, here’s your opportunity. 

  • Beyond Van Gogh

    Thursday, September 30, 2021 | 10:00-1:00pm

    This offering is currently at capacity.  Please call the office to be added to the wait list. 


    Bus leaves at 10:00 am, returns about 1:00 pm 

    Experience an imaginative and immersive presentation crafted for our unique times by world renowned audiovisual designers. Beyond Van Gogh uses cutting-edge projection technology to create an engaging journey into the world of Van Gogh. Using his dreams, his thoughts and his words to drive the experience as a narrative, we move along projection swathed walls wrapped in light, colour, and shapes that swirl, dance and refocus into flowers, cafes and landscapes. Masterpieces, now freed from frames, come alive, appear and disappear, flow across multi-surfaces, the minutia of details titillating our heightened senses. Through his own words set to a symphonic score, we may come to a new appreciation of this tortured artist’s stunning work. Beyond Van Gogh is an amazing walk-through exhibition that allows for 6-ft distance between all attendees. This is a completely new way of encountering art!

  • Tour Greenwood Cemetery: The Old Pioneers of Birmingham

    Wednesday, October 6, 2021 | 12:45-2:30pm

    This offering is currently at capacity.  Please call the office to be added to the wait list (248) 203- 5270. 


    Bus leaves Next at 12:45 pm, returns about 2:15 pm

    Tour guide and Next member Linda Buchanan will lead an hour long tour of Historic Greenwood (1825) Cemetery and discuss Birmingham’s earliest residents such as the Utter Family, John West Hunter, Martha Baldwin and many more! This will be held outdoors, please dress accordingly, and wear your walking shoes! Rain day will be Thursday, October 7.

  • Franklin Cider Mill

    Thursday, October 21, 2021 | 11:00-12:30pm

    Bus leaves Next at 11:00 am, returns about 12:30 pm

    It’s that time of year once again. The season that we all know and love so well as Michiganders. The harvest air is crisp, apples are abundant, and nothing sounds better than fresh cider and warm donuts! This calls for a trip to Franklin Cider Mill. While we are there you can pick up traditional baked goods, nuts, preserves, jams and jellies, the highly sought after Stakish honey — and possibly even a caramel apple. “Keep the Doctor away” with a 1/2 peck or a bushel of Michigan Honey Crisp, Crimson Crisp, Cortland,Empire and Mackintosh. Leaves are falling, autumn is calling!