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The 100 Day Project

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Limited availability remains - please call the office to inquire. 



Next has received a creative arts grant to provide a tuition-free 100-day creative arts project for those who are willing to take the challenge and make the commitment. The 100-day art workshop will enrich your creative spirit. Select your own individual project that will offer an opportunity for self-refl ection and strengthen your artistic skills through a variety of creative methods. Your project is limited only by your imagination — painting, drawing, ceramics, writing, scrapbooking, even cooking all celebrate creativity. We will meet weekly as a team, guided by Kay Sulfaro, exploring creative exercises and activities that will provide insights and feedback in a supportive group setting of discovery and discussion. 

As you work on your project through the length of the workshop, you will fi nd this creative team will enrich both your individual creative spirit, and our supportive community. A materials list is available in the Next office.

Kay Sulfaro previously has taught drawing classes and a Matisse Paper Cut-Outs class at Next. She joins us again to conduct the 100-Day Art Project. In addition to her Fine Arts background, Kay brings several years of working with the Paul Torrance Creativity exercises, as well as the enriching experience of a creativity program in Viterbo, Italy. Finally, she is excited to share the adventure that she learned so much from as she completed a 100-Day Art Project herself.

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