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The Ethical Issues of Photojournalism

Thursday, May 5, 2022 | 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Garry Gilbert, Advisor to Oakland Press, Journalism Program Director - Oakland University

Photojournalism has a long and important history of revealing truths. Photojournalists expose wrongdoing, inspire hope and understanding and connect people around the globe through the language of visual understanding. They operate as trustees of the public and they carry a responsibility to document society and to preserve its history through images. Photographs can also cause great harm if they are callously intrusive, disturbing or manipulated. Due to technology changes, visual ethics is constantly evolving. We will examine the ethics of photojournalism in distinct parts. First, what is acceptable in the editing of photos and in the era of Photoshop, what standards have photojournalists adopted to assure the integrity of their images? Second, how do news editors decide whether to publish graphic or invasive news photos? Many have won Pulitzer Prizes, hailed as humanistic documents of war, famine, crime and natural disasters — and many may be simultaneously invasive and offensive to some.

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