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Detroit’s Violent Years

Thursday, May 27, 2021 | 6:00pm - 7:00pm

Paul Kavieff, Author & Organized Crime Historian

The Giannola vs. Vitale Gang War, The Cross Town Mob War of 1930-31 and The Fish Market Murders are forgotten incidents in the violent history of the Detroit underworld. While the Purple Gang clawed its way to the top of the Detroit underworld in the 20s, the early Detroit Mafia became the major rumrunners on the Detroit River. Known then as the “River Gang,” the Italian mob terrorized the liquor traffiic, north and south of Detroit. The Carson/Kuzak mob and the Jawerski Gang robbed Detroit banks, pedestrians and gas stations. The Legs Loman Gang, a predominantly Irish group kidnapped other “wise guys.” Most of these underworld groups came and went with Prohibition. However, The River Gang evolved into the modern Detroit Mafia.

Part of the Jeffares Speaker Series presented by Stuart Jeffares of Max Broon Realtors 

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