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Painting with Acrylics and Oils

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

(Beginners through Advanced) 10-week class: October 20 - December 8 

Join noted artist and instructor Karen Halpern - Procedure: Lessons will be emailed to students each week in a PowerPoint Format. Students work on the lesson in their own space, contacting Karen via emails with questions or to discuss their paintings with her. They will then email her a photo as they progress, and of their completed lesson. In that way they will be able to stay in touch. The next subject, and information to guide the work, will follow on the third week of class, and then again on the fifth class date and the seventh class. Karen will welcome questions emailed to her — and receiving photos of the paintings as they progress for guidance and helpful suggestions. This will be followed up by students sending the finished paintings thus concluding the class.

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