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Acrylic & Oil Painting

| 12:00pm - 3:00pm

Ready to dust off your paints and learn something new in painting? Or, want to learn the basics of acrylic and oil from scratch? Look no further. Next welcomes back mixed media artist/instructor Marat Paransky. His studio practice includes sculpture, painting, drawing, photography and other media. This class covers a wide range of acrylic and oil painting topics: from choosing the right surface and getting started with your composition, to understanding how color works, and eventually to experimenting with techniques and materials. All experience levels are welcome. There will be demos and discussions about artists in class. Students will need to purchase their own supplies and have them for the first class — the provided supplies list will be available at the front office, upon registration. Also, please have an idea and some pictures/photos from which to work, beginning with the first class. Three week series. 

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