COVID-19 Building Protocols and Guidelines

Yes, we are open!

We are so excited to welcome you back to Next! We realize it will take time for some of our members to feel comfortable returning to their daily routines — but when you are ready, Next will be here to help ease the transition.

Under the strict guidance of the Center for Disease Control, we will be reopening in phases and implementing best practices and protocols to guard your health and safety. As we gradually reopen and reintroduce some of our programms, you will notice the building has been redesigned to allow for social distancing and other safety measures while rigorous protocols have been implemented.

We will be resuming some classes and programs with a hybrid approach of small groups, outdoors, or on Zoom. Please keep in mind these timetables and guidelines may be altered at any time as we must be able to quickly adapt to changing circumstances. For your safety and the safety of your fellow Next members, thank you for patience and compliance.

Here is what you can expect when you come to Next:

  • Frequent and thorough cleaning/disinfecting daily, multiple hand sanitizer stations throughout the building.
  • Masks must be worn upon entering the building and throughout the building at all times, no exceptions. 
  • Enter the building only through the east door, closest to Glenhurst or go directly to the courtyard for check-in. Upon entering, you will be greeted by our staff to log you in with your name, phone number, date, and administer a no-touch temperature check. You will be asked a few routine questions and requested to use the touchless hand sanitizer before you’re on your way.
  • Please maintain 6-feet social distancing at all times including if you are waiting for your turn to enter or exit the building or a room.
  • We encourage you to register for all classes or programs online through our website — or feel free to call the office with your registration request and credit card information, if needed, in order to minimize the exchange of money.
  • One member in the office at a time and please enter through the customary entrance, but exit through the workroom to alleviate any bottlenecks.
  • Participation in classes and presentations will be dictated by proper social distancing guidelines.
  • We will be able to utilize the the outdoors making social distancing in exercise classes much easier to execute.
  • No outside food intended for sharing will be allowed in the building.
  • Bottled water will be available free of charge. There will be no coffee service at this time.

We will be slowly introducing programs that we can offer safely, but other programs will need to be suspended until further notice.